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Customize your search results grid

Customize your search results grid

Version 10.23 for Atrium has been released and includes many exciting new features:

  • The ability to customize the jobs grid where the user can determine the columns to be displayed as well as filtering, sorting, and grouping jobs.
  • When reviewing available interpreters for a request, clicking on the interpreter’s name will bring the user to a calendar tab in the interpreter’s profile.  This calendar displays the interpreter’s schedule for the date of the request, including a display of other jobs for which the interpreter is available and qualified.  
  • A display rate field is now in the interpreter profile.  This is a single rate that is entered in the interpreter’s profile that will display in the listing of interpreters on a job.
  • Administrators are able to send SMS or email messages to all interpreters or a filtered list of interpreters through the interpreter database.
  • The requester and/or provider fields can be required on jobs based on settings in the client’s profile.

Please be sure to watch the videos (links provided below) for more details on using these features.

Customizable Jobs Grid
Other New Features

As always, there are some minor bug fixes and optimizations.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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