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The ATRIUM interface allows LSP Agencies to schedule interpreters, display pricing, provides the ability to calculate billing, and automatically transfers all data to QuickBooks. Click to read more about how ATRIUM can benefit your organization!


ATRIUM customers have the ability to schedule their appointments, view and modify their schedules, and see what interpreter is assigned to each project. Click to read more about how the ATRIUM scheduling platform can benefit your business!



Through the ATRIUM mobile app, interpreters are able to access all current available assignments and updates through their mobile devices. With the ATRIUM platform on your mobile device, you can find and accept assignments from anywhere!


Built for LSP agencies

Streamlined for LSP CUSTOMERS

Mobile platform for interpreters

Powered by LSP Ware.

No matter your role in the language service lifecycle, ATRIUM was designed with you in mind.


ATRIUM Mobile App for Interpreters

ATRIUM is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing interpreters to claim open opportunities and conduct business from anywhere, accepting or declining assignments through the app.

Benefits of Using the Atrium Platform

As business needs change, ATRIUM changes with you. Whether your interpretation needs are scheduled or on-demand, ATRIUM is affordable, reliable, easy to use, and ready when you need it.


Scalable and Customizable to Meet Your Needs

As your business grows and changes, the ATRIUM platform can grow and change with you. ATRIUM was designed to be scaled and customized, ensuring organizations can adjust seamlessly.

Stable & Reliable

The ATRIUM platform affords LSPs the opportunity to track and vet interpreters, while quickly connecting customers to qualified interpreters. From scheduling to payment, ATRIUM manages the process quickly, efficiently, and reliably. See what ATRIUM can do for you!

Interpreting management is a time consuming task. With the implementation of Atrium, interpreting management in our office has been streamlined to such a degree that it has freed me to cultivate other aspects of our business such as translation services. The implementation of this software has actually allowed our business to grow simply by giving us more time to focus on other aspects of our business.

Giovanni Donatelli

Managing Partner, The Language Group

Complete Scheduling Flexibility

For companies, scheduling interpretation services is as simple as entering assignment details into the system. LSPs can easily view credentials and availability of interpreters, and interpreters can utilize the ATRIUM mobile app to not only look for open assignments but accept or decline assignments immediately.

"To have another language is to possess a second soul."

– Charlemagne




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