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Atrium Has Every Feature Your Organization Needs


ATRIUM has the power to be all things to every user. Specifically designed for seamless workflows, ATRIUM’s intuitive interface is the answer to your headaches and inconveniences.

  • For LSP: All your administrative responsibilities are contained in one easy to use application.
  • For customers: Access to scheduled and on-demand qualified interpreters are at their fingertips, giving them confidence and peace of mind.
  • For interpreters: The ability to accept and complete assignments wherever they are is convenient and increases their job satisfaction.

Bookkeeping Problems Resolved

ATRIUM offers prompt, accurate invoicing and payments, eliminating the time-consuming manual process that often results in mistakes or oversights. ATRIUM exports all relevant information into QuickBooks automatically so customers are billed quickly and accurately.


Quickly Connecting Customers & Interpreters

ATRIUM makes it easy for LSPs and customers to quickly define the scope and requirements of any assignment. They can be connected to available, qualified interpreters at the touch of a button. ATRIUM is the ultimate matchmaker!

Staying Connected 24-7

ATRIUM is always on, always available. Interpreters can view, select, or decline assignments through the convenient mobile app, increasing communication and efficiency for everyone involved. Always at your fingertips, ATRIUM makes it easy to coordinate services for customers the fastest way possible.


ATRIUM Grows With You

When you choose ATRIUM, it’s with you for the long haul. As your business grows, so does the software’s capability. It will adapt, scale, and evolve as the needs of language service providers, customers and interpreters change.

ATRIUM provides the foundation, systems, and processes to make your job easier, more efficient, and more profitable.


Whether interpreting patient information or existing medical documents, face-to-face interpretation, or patient prescription information, interpretation in the healthcare setting is often needed at the last minute. The scheduling flexibility of the ATRIUM platform ensures that an assignment can be entered and a qualified interpreter identified at a moment’s notice.


Instant, Accurate Invoicing and Payments

ATRIUM automatically exports all relevant information into QuickBooks, ensuring that customers are billed quickly and accurately, streamlining the billing and payment processes.


Options and Scalability to Meet Your Needs

ATRIUM allows LSPs and customers the ability to quickly define the scope and requirements of an assignment, and locate qualified interpreters at the touch of a button!


Stay Connected to ATRIUM Anywhere, Anytime

Interpreters may accept or decline assignments directly through the ATRIUM app. With a mobile device and internet connection, ATRIUM is always at your fingertips, wherever you are!

Benefits Designed for Every User

For LSP’s, we understand the need for reliable and intuitive software that works effortlessly. We also recognize the needs of customers who require scheduled and on-demand interpretation services provided by experienced and qualified interpreters.

Furthermore, we realize that interpreters want the ability to accept – and complete – assignments from wherever they may be. LSP Ware took all of this into consideration when creating the framework for ATRIUM, and now you can enjoy the many benefits created just for you!


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