LSP Ware is now a Propio Language Services Company

Our Story


President, LSP Ware

An IT professional with over 30 years of experience, Doug enthusiastically took on the challenge of finding a solution to the interpretation software problem.

He built a powerful system that language service providers need to manage interpreters, field requests, and handle the financial side of the non-profits, such as invoicing, payables, and reporting. A one-stop-shop for LSPs, interpreters, and the customers. A system that was user friendly, transparent, and affordable.

His system received such positive feedback from interpreters and customers that Doug and his wife Phyllis decided to further improve the system and market the product to other non-profits. Together they founded LSP Ware in 2011.

In 2012, LSP Ware expanded its services beyond the non-profit arena and now helps businesses of all sizes, in any market, and across all industries.

In 2022, Propio Language Services acquired LSP Ware to create a one stop shop for interpreting management and delivery, offering the industry’s most comprehensive communications platform.

LSP Ware’s advanced technology and Propio’s expertise in remote interpreting will combine to propel the company forward as a leader in language services.

“LSP Ware is more than just software—it’s about improving the language service industry one interpretation at a time. We truly want to help your business grow by making it more efficient and saving you time and money.”
– Doug Smith, President, LSP Ware


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