A Plan To Meet Your Agency's Needs

Start up
Small Business
Setup Fee$99$500$750
Database / URL setup
Import LEP, Customers, Interpreters, Rates
4 hours online personalized training
Quickbooks desktop configuration$
Additional Training $$$
First 50 jobs No cost. $2.50 per billed appointment over 50 $0.50 per billed appointment Call for pricing for billed appointment
Your own database
HIPPA compliance
User security based on roles
Excel Export
Unlimited File Attachments
Includes a test/training site $
Multiple Instances $$
Dedicated Database and App Servers $$
Integrate with your own cloud storage $$$
Use your own URL$$$
Calendar View
Advanced Filtering
Email Notification to available Interpreters
Email Notification to clients
Meta data tags X
Color Tags X
Set qualifications X
Audit Fields X
SMS Notifications X$
Email Notifications on client changes to job XX
Excel Import XX
Dashboard VisualsXX
Interpreter Assignments
Email Notifications to assigned Interpreter
Filter Double Booked
Filter Banned Interpreters from Client
Filter Banned Intepreters from LEPX
Filter on required attributes set by customer
Filter on gender
Filter on interpreter availabilityX
Filter on distanceX
Google maps intergrationsX
Mobile Application
Unlimited Interpreter Access
Ability to accept open qualified jobs
Ablitiy to digitally sign jobs
Ability to upload/scan timesheets
Ability to view paycheck stubs
Ability to view jobs with a calendar view
Push notifications for VRI jobs X
Push notifications on open jobsX
Push open jobs to Tiered interpreters XX
Client Access
Unlimited Client UsersX$
Ability to schedule jobs X$
Ability to view schedulesX$
Ability to add/delete client usersX$
Security based on permissionsX$
Ability to view invoices X$
Ability to void jobs X$
Chat with Admin/Schedulers XX
Dashboard VisualsXXComing soon
Interpreter Portal
Unlimited Interpreter UsersX
Interpreters set their own availabilityX
Chat with schedulersXComing soonComing soon
Ability to add actuals
Highly configurable rate calculator
Calculate interpreter pay
Calculate invoices
Multiple invoice formats per customerX
Edit invoicesX
Bulk invoicesX
Bulk ApprovalsX
Invoice line items not related to a specific requestXX
Audit trail for invoicesXX
Advanced Accounts Receivable moduleXX
Custom invoice formats $$$
Custom built rate engine $$$
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Interpreters
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Customer Locations database
Unlimited LEPsX
Maintain Customer Profiles
Customize and edit emails/messages
Maintain rates and activities
Maintain LEPs in a databaseX
CRMXXComing soon
Scheduling reports
Financial reporting
Productivity reportingX
Advanced ReportingXX
Executive Dashboard with KPI reportingXComing soonComing soon
Dashboard visualizationsXComing soonComing soon
Custom reports $$$
Credentials ManagementsX
Customer FeedbackX
Customer SurveysXX
Quality Assurance feedback programXX
Quickbooks OnlineX
Quickbooks Desktop (all versions)X
Push detailed invoicesX
Push consolidated invoicesX
Push interpreter vouchersX
Scheduled VRI $$$
On Demand VRI $$$
Chat with clientsX$
Chat with interpretersXComing soonComing soon
Video/Audio chat with interpretersXComing soonComing soon
Group Video/Audio chat with interpreters XComing soonComing soon
Full access to live replica database $$
Access to API $$
Custom interfaces$$$
Insurance eligibility lookup Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Epic integrationComing soonComing soonComing soon
Email support
24/7 emergency phone supportX


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