A Plan To Meet Your Agency's Needs

Start up
Small Business
Setup Fee $99 $500 $750
Database / URL setup
Import LEP, Customers, Interpreters, Rates
4 hours online personalized training
Quickbooks desktop configuration $
Additional Training $ $ $
First 50 jobs No cost. $2.50 per billed appointment over 50 $0.50 per billed appointment Call for pricing for billed appointment
Your own database
HIPPA compliance
User security based on roles
Excel Export
Unlimited File Attachments
Includes a test/training site $
Multiple Instances $ $
Dedicated Database and App Servers $ $
Integrate with your own cloud storage $ $ $
Use your own URL $ $ $
Calendar View
Advanced Filtering
Email Notification to available Interpreters
Email Notification to clients
Meta data tags X
Color Tags X
Set qualifications X
Audit Fields X
SMS Notifications X $
Email Notifications on client changes to job X X
Excel Import X X
Dashboard Visuals X X
Interpreter Assignments
Email Notifications to assigned Interpreter
Filter Double Booked
Filter Banned Interpreters from Client
Filter Banned Intepreters from LEP X
Filter on required attributes set by customer
Filter on gender
Filter on interpreter availability X
Filter on distance X
Google maps intergrations X
Mobile Application
Unlimited Interpreter Access
Ability to accept open qualified jobs
Ablitiy to digitally sign jobs
Ability to upload/scan timesheets
Ability to view paycheck stubs
Ability to view jobs with a calendar view
Push notifications for VRI jobs X
Push notifications on open jobs X
Push open jobs to Tiered interpreters X X
Client Access
Unlimited Client Users X $
Ability to schedule jobs X $
Ability to view schedules X $
Ability to add/delete client users X $
Security based on permissions X $
Ability to view invoices X $
Ability to void jobs X $
Chat with Admin/Schedulers X X
Dashboard Visuals X X Coming soon
Interpreter Portal
Unlimited Interpreter Users X
Interpreters set their own availability X
Chat with schedulers X Coming soon Coming soon
Ability to add actuals
Highly configurable rate calculator
Calculate interpreter pay
Calculate invoices
Multiple invoice formats per customer X
Edit invoices X
Bulk invoices X
Bulk Approvals X
Invoice line items not related to a specific request X X
Audit trail for invoices X X
Advanced Accounts Receivable module X X
Custom invoice formats $ $ $
Custom built rate engine $ $ $
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Interpreters
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Customer Locations database
Unlimited LEPs X
Maintain Customer Profiles
Customize and edit emails/messages
Maintain rates and activities
Maintain LEPs in a database X
CRM X X Coming soon
Scheduling reports
Financial reporting
Productivity reporting X
Advanced Reporting X X
Executive Dashboard with KPI reporting X Coming soon Coming soon
Dashboard visualizations X Coming soon Coming soon
Custom reports $ $ $
Credentials Managements X
Customer Feedback X
Customer Surveys X X
Quality Assurance feedback program X X
Quickbooks Online X
Quickbooks Desktop (all versions) X
Push detailed invoices X
Push consolidated invoices X
Push interpreter vouchers X
Scheduled VRI $ $ $
On Demand VRI $ $ $
Chat with clients X $
Chat with interpreters X Coming soon Coming soon
Video/Audio chat with interpreters X Coming soon Coming soon
Group Video/Audio chat with interpreters X Coming soon Coming soon
Full access to live replica database $ $
Access to API $ $
Custom interfaces $ $ $
Insurance eligibility lookup Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Epic integration Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Email support
24/7 emergency phone support X


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