LSP Ware is now a Propio Language Services Company


Making Business Fast & Easy

With the ATRIUM platform, everyone stays in the know. LSPs and customers enjoy the convenience of coordinating, scheduling, and viewing on-site interpretations—all from the same interface.


Flawless Connectivity

ATRIUM connects all components of the language service lifecycle together in one platform. All users can enjoy its:

  • Usability: Intuitive interface that is quick and easy to learn.
  • Scalability: Functions and benefits that grow with your business.
  • Reliability: Safe and secure, always there when you need it.
  • Affordability: Tremendous value that won’t break the bank.

Seamless Scheduling

ATRIUM’s custom interface allows LSPs to:

  • Evaluate and vet interpreters, ensuring they are the best fit for the customer in need.
  • Schedule interpreters with the appropriate assignment.
  • Show pricing and automatically calculate billing.
  • Display accounts payable, including monies owed to the interpreter.
  • Transfer all relevant information—such as scheduling, billing, invoicing, and payment details—to QuickBooks automatically.


ATRIUM mobile app offers simplified and time-saving features to interpreters, such as:

  • Immediate ability to accept or decline an assignment.
  • Complete information about the customers, including name, address, and any special instructions.
  • Step-by-step directions to the on-site interpretation assignments.
  • Reminders to ensure appointments aren’t overlooked or forgotten.
  • Time tracking tools to document client hours.
  • Accurate, client-approved timesheets that can be submitted quickly.
  • Mileage tracker for easy reimbursement.
  • Built-in signature field for customer consent or approval, which can be signed with a stylus or their finger.
  • Single-click upload of all information to the database.

ATRIUM is available for both iOS and Android devices. Experience convenience by downloading the ATRIUM app today!



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