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You spoke, we listened!

You spoke, we listened!

We are currently working on over 53 small enhancement ideas that have been collected from our customers over the years and the next two releases will be devoted to completing as many of these as we can.  One example we have heard from many of our customers is to create a compact form to display all information about a request on one page without the need to scroll.   Other examples that will be deployed this month include:

  • Listing of available interpreters in a grid form
  • Show interpreter’s gender 
  • Show more interpreters per page when showing available interpreters
  • Ability to approve an activity without clicking the edit button
  • An alternate list view for the actuals tab
  • Remember the users preference on Card vs List vs Grid views
  • Live location tracking on interpreters including location tagging when the signature is captured on a request
  • Many, many more… 

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