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Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

A new version of Atrium and the mobile app will be released this weekend with some exciting new features and some bug squashes.

Changes to Atrium include:
* Time Zone enhancements – Time zones are automatically added to the requests based on the time zone of the customer on the request. This new enhancement shows the time zone on the request and allows you to change it on the request. Time zones are also included on the interpreter profile and new email placeholders and blocks have been added. Please click here to read about these changes in greater detail.

* Two-Factor Authentication updates – Two-factor authentication can now be accomplished through an authenticator app (i.e. Google Authenticator) or via SMS. Please note that if your agency is not currently utilizing SMS, this will not be an option for you and will be automatically disabled. Using an authenticator app creates a QR code on the screen that the user can scan with their mobile device. Please click here to read more about two-factor authentication in detail.

* A new email block called “Preferred Interpreter” has been added. Using this block will allow you to create a custom email template that is sent to the preferred interpreter on the request instead of the normal offer email that is currently sent. Please click here to read more about how to use blocks in email templates.

* Other small improvements include
Client-hosted VRI and OPI requests will use the VRI/OPI email templates.
The “Display Rate” is a new placeholder for email confirmations.
The date of service for translation jobs in the jobs grid will be the completion date instead of start date.
For admin users only, the uploaded timesheets will be on the Actuals tab of the request.
Any requests that are scheduled for a weekend will have a red badge around them in the job header.

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