LSP Ware is now a Propio Language Services Company


LSP Ware Acquisition Adds On Demand Remote Interpreting Services

LSP Ware Acquisition Adds On Demand Remote Interpreting Services

LSP Ware is now a Propio Language Services company. This strategic acquisition combines the best of LSP Ware technology with the remote interpreting platform and resources within Propio. That means LSP Ware now offers on demand remote interpreting. This includes Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) capabilities in over 300 languages, and no scheduling is needed for these services.

The mission of LSPWare is still to create a solution for language service organizations to help manage, develop, and scale their business and provide quality service to the communities they serve. We are fortunate to be a trusted partner for many great companies and look forward to increased offerings to further hour mission and goals.

Founded in 1998, Propio Language Services is an industry leader in phone, video, and in-person interpretation, as well as document translation services. Propio offers superior interpreter quality to its clients and uses technology-oriented solutions to drive the highest value in the industry.

Propio established itself as one of the largest remote services providers in the industry. Propio has made significant strides both in the realm of interpreting and technology. Propio was even one of LSP Ware’s first clients in the early days. Their mission and culture of growth resonate with us and allowed this partnership to transform into what it is today.

LSPWare will continue to exist as a subsidiary of Propio with dedicated resources. We will be able to bring more innovation to the market in the areas that we are best known for: scheduling and workforce management.

We are ecstatic to continue serving our customers with a truly holistic language service platform moving forward as our companies become one. Contact us with questions.

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