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Advanced Email Templates

Advanced Email Templates

A new version of the Atrium is releasing on April 24th. It contains two new advanced features when it comes to sending emails. As you know, we currently have over 100 dynamic placeholders. These placeholders are used to replace variable text in each email. But with this release of the Atrium, you will be able to add text conditionally. For example, you can have additional text appear if your request type is a medical appearance versus a court appearance. You can customize all 51 email templates to display different information based on any request type or any appointment type, or any combination of both. We also included a quick and easy way to test an email without sending it. You can now preview the email from your list of email templates by entering a job number and clicking the preview button. All the conditional blocks and variable data will be replaced with the actual job details of the job number you supplied.

In this release, we have also squished 18 bugs and provided 7 new improvements to existing functionality. Click here to see the release notes.

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