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Enhanced Credential Management

Enhanced Credential Management

Version 10.28 has just been released. This release contains 37 new improvements, 53 defect fixes, 6 new reports, and enhancements to our Interpreter Credential system.

If you are an existing customer of ours, you understand the power of the Interpreter credential system. Each interpretation/translation job can require the interpreters to have certain qualifications or credentials. When entering a new job, the required qualifications/credentials can default based on the customer or each customer location. The system will then filter the interpreters to only show as available if they have the required credential(s).

In this release, the interpreters can use the online portal to add their own credentials and upload the required documentation. Administrators can review and approve the credentials and documentation.

This is a shortlist of what is new in this release:

  • Individual credentials can be required for all interpreters
  • Documentation can be required for certain credentials
  • Interpreters can add credentials and documentation via their online portal for the administrators to review and approve.
  • Four new reports were added to help you manage the interpreter’s credentials.

We have written a user guide for the interpreters to understand these new features and a user guide for administrators so they know how to review and approve the interpreter credentials.

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