LSP Ware is now a Propio Language Services Company

LSP Management Software


A seamless, end-to-end solution that connects healthcare organizations and language services companies to customers and interpreters.



Powered by LSP Ware, ATRIUM is a hub for your company’s many moving parts. Customized to meet your specific needs, ATRIUM streamlines your efforts by:

  • Quickly connecting customers with qualified interpreters
  • Advanced interpreter scheduling software
  • Tracking and vetting interpreters
  • Managing your schedule
  • Sending your invoices
  • Empowering your customers with options and control

You’re too busy for confusion, miscommunication, and delays. ATRIUM helps you serve your customers better and faster.



ATRIUM is a user-friendly platform that allows your company to schedule interpreters, display pricing, calculate billing, and automatically integrate all your data with QuickBooks. Learn more about how ATRIUM can make your company more efficient and effective.


ATRIUM’s easy-to-use interface puts your customers in the driver’s seat. They can effortlessly schedule their appointments, view and change their schedules, and see which interpreter is assigned to their project. Learn how ATRIUM increases your customers’ satisfaction.


The ATRIUM mobile app makes it easy for interpreters to view open opportunities, receive updates, and accept assignments while they are on the go. Learn more about why interpreters will want to work for you.




With the ATRIUM platform, everyone stays in the know. LSPs and customers enjoy the convenience of coordinating, scheduling, and viewing on-site interpretations—all from the same interface.


The ATRIUM platform integrates seamlessly with Zoom the world’s best video conference call platform to provide your customers with scheduled VRI or On-demand VRI services.



We’ll never be “too big” or “too small” for your company.
The ATRIUM platform adjusts as your business grows and changes, so the fit will always be “just right.”
We offer a variety of data, forms, and information your business needs to grow and thrive.


Company Performance Metrics


Hundreds of Available Reports

Advanced Job Search

Create customer views of jobs search

Get Available Interpreters

Find the most qualified Interpreters


Integration with Google Maps


Integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks

Email Templates

Over 50 customizable emails

Company Settings

Highly configurable for your company

Mobile Applications

Accept jobs and submit eTimesheets



“Interpreting management is a time consuming task. With the implementation of Atrium, interpreting management in our office has been streamlined to such a degree that it has freed me to cultivate other aspects of our business such as translation services. The implementation of this software has actually allowed our business to grow simply by giving us more time to focus on other aspects of our business.”


-Giovanni Donatelli

Managing Partner, The Language Group



LSP Ware Acquisition Adds On Demand Remote Interpreting Services

LSP Ware is now a Propio Language Services company. This strategic acquisition combines the best of LSP Ware technology with the remote interpreting platform and resources within Propio. That means LSP Ware now offers on demand remote interpreting. This includes Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) capabilities in over 300 languages, and no scheduling is needed for these services. The mission of LSPWare is still to create a solution for language service organizations to help manage, develop, and scale their business and provide quality service to the communities they serve. We are fortunate to be a trusted partner for many great companies and look forward to increased offerings to further hour mission and goals. Founded in 1998, Propio Language Services is an industry leader in phone, video, and in-person interpretation, as well as document translation services. Propio offers superior interpreter quality to its clients and uses technology-oriented solutions to drive the highest value in the industry. Propio established itself as one of the largest remote services providers in the industry. Propio has made significant strides both in the realm of interpreting and technology. Propio was even one of LSP Ware’s first clients in the early days. Their mission and culture of growth resonate with us and allowed this partnership to transform into what it is today. LSPWare will continue to exist as a subsidiary of Propio with dedicated resources. We will be able to bring more innovation to the market in the areas that we are best known for: scheduling and workforce management. We are ecstatic to continue serving our customers with a truly holistic language service platform moving forward as our companies become one. Contact us with questions.

Multifactor Authentication

A new version of Atrium and the mobile app will be released this weekend with some exciting new features and some bug squashes. Changes to Atrium include: * Time Zone enhancements – Time zones are automatically added to the requests based on the time zone of the customer on the request. This new enhancement shows the time zone on the request and allows you to change it on the request. Time zones are also included on the interpreter profile and new email placeholders and blocks have been added. Please click here to read about these changes in greater detail. * Two-Factor Authentication updates – Two-factor authentication can now be accomplished through an authenticator app (i.e. Google Authenticator) or via SMS. Please note that if your agency is not currently utilizing SMS, this will not be an option for you and will be automatically disabled. Using an authenticator app creates a QR code on the screen that the user can scan with their mobile device. Please click here to read more about two-factor authentication in detail. * A new email block called “Preferred Interpreter” has been added. Using this block will allow you to create a custom email template that is sent to the preferred interpreter on the request instead of the normal offer email that is currently sent. Please click here to read more about how to use blocks in email templates. * Other small improvements include Client-hosted VRI and OPI requests will use the VRI/OPI email templates. The “Display Rate” is a new placeholder for email confirmations. The date of service for translation jobs in the jobs grid will be the completion date instead of start date. For admin users only, the uploaded timesheets will be on the Actuals tab of the request. Any requests that are scheduled for a weekend will have a red badge around them in the job header.

Broadcast Messages

A new version of Atrium will be released this weekend with some exciting new features and some bug squashes. New Messaging ToolThere is a new option under Administration that allows you to add messages targeted to specific Atrium online portal users with an action button. This is how the messages look when the user logs in: Please keep in mind that this option will need to be turned on for the user profiles of the admins who will be able to broadcast the messages.  It is also important to note that the action button is not required, but if an entry is made there, the link must start with http:// or https:// Two Factor AuthenticationThis is the first step towards multi-factor authentication.  It is currently only for users of the online portal (not the mobile app) and is a feature that can be turned on or off through your company settings.  When logging in, the user will be prompted for a code that is emailed to their user id email address.  When entering the code, the user may elect to remember the device for 30 days.  After the 30 day period, the user will need to authenticate again.  Remembering the device does not mean that the user will be automatically logged in during that time period – it simply means that they will not complete the second step of authentication with the emailed code. When the deployment is made, the two-factor authentication will be disabled.  To enable it, go into Administration – Company Settings in the Password Settings box and toggle it on.  As stated earlier, this is the first step for multi-factor authentication.  Our next release will include an option for a code being sent via SMS and/or an authenticator app.  You will need to evaluate if you want to turn this on for your agency at this time or wait for further development because if your interpreters, admins, or clients have marked LSP Ware emails as spam, they may not receive the email with the code to log in to their account. Other changes include: Ability to consider weekends for interpreters to give back assignments and for clients to make changes to appointments.  This will default to off when the deployment is made.  Changing the interpreters is done in the Interpreter Settings box under Administration – Company Settings.  Changing the clients is done on the Access tab of the Client Profile. You can upload multiple logos through Administration – Company Settings.  One will be used for your log in page and the other will be used for the app and reports.   As always, there are a few bugs that were squashed as well. We at LSP Ware greatly appreciate your business!  Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions.


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